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Data services provide your company a comprehensive look at your company’s data environment. This includes analysis of your company’s data quality and understanding just how your company constructs, amends, and consolidates data to become a manageable and functional resource for employees. In addition, we offer data migration, easily moving your data from its original source to your target platform. We also provide data processing, according to your company’s needs.


In today’s digital world, cyber criminals centered on stealing your company’s sensitive information, are a real threat. For this reason, it is important to recognise where your company may be vulnerable, any misconfigurations, or gaps in access to your data and storerooms. We maintain your company’s security, including application security and network security. If you are looking for a new security solution, we will be happy to design and implement it for you. We offer physical security, such as surveillance systems and secured server rooms. We also arrange security audits on the level of information security that your company upholds, and repairs any weak points that may be discovered.


Data storage, back up and recovery are critical for protecting your company’s vital content. We offer several types of dependable and efficient Cloud services so you can rest assured that your data is safely stored away. We use Microsoft Azure services, providing your company with a collection of integrated services, such as computing, networking and apps. Additionally, we also offer Office 365, with top of the line productivity tools that allows you to create, edit and share from your PC or Mac. To gain a fuller grasp on your security measures, we can also implement private cloud under your corporate firewall or other hosting systems. We also offer big data processing and analysis.


In the dynamic world of digital, companies are increasingly finding that optimisation of business processes and performance weigh heavily on current, innovative software systems. To fully cater to your company’s goals, we translate your demands into digital solutions through custom software. In addition to our tailored systems, we also provide a full range of products, such as systems architecture, hardware, network solutions, database systems, web servers and operating systems. We also create reliable custom applications that are specifically designed for your unique business processes. Whether you are looking to implement new systems to expand your company’s capacity, or to update your present software, CORE SYSTEMS has a solution that can be custommade to fit your requirements.

Software Development

Different user environments can impact which type of applications are best for your company. We provide both WEB and desktop development customized according to your needs. We also provide (OS X and Android) development to make your company mobile-ready and bolster your target audience’s user experience. Since we believe in optimizing your team’s performance, we provide tailorable CRM and ERP systems. We also design, develop and manage Loyalty Programs. Our team constructs the website, maintains the program’s features and functionalities, creates campaigns and actualizes the overall project.

Software Testing

CORE SYSTEMS provides a full range of software testing services. We offer automated software testing to realize your company’s software performance, and integration testing to between interfaces and relative components. We even provide UAT to greatly reduce cost and requests for feature changes when implementing changes to the system.


CORE SYSTEMS understands how important it is to optimize your company’s productivity by assessing all levels of performance. We provide analytics to measure your numbers against vital metrics for your company. Our capable and experienced project managers will aid in planning, organizing, managing, motivating, and creating products and procedures for your ventures. Our IT outsourcing and administration services will help you to construct and initiate IT solutions, freeing up your team to engage in other important daily business activities.


CORE SYSTEMS offers system integration to our catalogue of high-quality services, designing customized architecture or applications and integrating it with new or existing solution (hardware, software or network). We will employ API’s so that all protocols are tailored to your software needs. We also offer to safely and dependably integrate company data into secured systems.


We offer Cloud data migration solutions that imports your data into a compressed archive while assuring secured access. We also provide on-premise migration, allowing you to preserve all company data onsite. Or, if your company prefers hybrid data migration, CORE SYSTEMS is happy to offer solutions to ensure your data is safely moved into dynamic and reliable storage systems.

Marketing & Media

In today’s marketing age, with increasingly stiff competition, your company needs to be one step ahead if you want to make a lasting impression to your target audience. At CORE SYSTEMS we exceed in SEO and UX to optimize your visibility over digital. Our experienced staff will assist you in planning your ideal campaign, perform mass emailing and provide analytics to measure metrics against your goals.

Auditing services

Our company has highly qualified and skilled auditors at our disposal. Their qualification is proven by numerous certificates and accreditations, most prominent among them being:

  • IRMS ISO 15489 Lead Auditor (international certification issued by the Information and Records Management Society)
  • Document manager: Internal auditor (Ministry of Interior accredited training program)
  • Specialist: Records management audit (Ministry of Interior accredited training program)

Records management audit focuses on auditing key areas linked to records management execution itself, records management as well as management and support processes. Audit is involved in these areas:

  1. Policy, procedures and responsibilities
  2. Strategy, design and implementation of records management systems
  3. Procedures and management of records management systems
  4. Monitoring and match controlling
  5. Employee training and training system

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CORE SYSTEMS s.r.o. is the main technological partner of iBOD, multi-partner loyalty program, which recently surpassed 1 000 000 registered users. They did, and still help us maintain a reliable and scalable soltion.

As the biggest loyalty program run by a bank in the Czech Republic we could not have hoped for a better partner. From the initial design, all through development and follow-up maintenance we relied on CORE Systems to the point that the whole project has gotten practically outsourced.

CORE SYSTEMS delivered a fully functional project for our most demanding customers with cutting edge technology, incorporating all the newest trends in design and usability.

Employee Monitor, a fully customized software for tracking employee efficiency and hardware capacity utilization helped us increase productivity by up to 50%.

CORE SYSTEMS has been our main IT partner almost since the inception of They provided web development, server infrastructure and even backend solutions for our call centers. With almost no downtime in the past 6 years we were able to provide excellent service for our clients in the personal finance industry.

With a truly professional approach, our partners at CORE SYSTEMS always delivered a great service, which made us, the Customer, always feel appreciated.


INSOLV was developed in 2009 for the law firms. It is an application that behaves as a sort of watchdog, which keeps an eye on the stages of an insolvency petition. In the Czech Republic the phases of insolvency may differ, and in some cases, the window of opportunity to claim a requisition toward the liable person or company may be as short as two weeks. Law firms sets filters and watchdogs to ensure that the participating members do not miss any moment to take further legal actions.

Employee Monitor is the most important product developed to date. It was initially developed for the Czech Studio, UPP (, which is the biggest European 3D studio with a primary focus on CGI graphics for Hollywood Blockbuster movies (2012, Perfume, Wolverine, etc). Employee Monitor is a local dedicated application that checks the hardware workload of all machines used by employees, while simultaneously auditing the amount of work an employee performs daily (the company staffs 120 employees). It has, in fact, boosted productivity for 50%.

Employee Monitor was built for both PC and Mac, and uses several factors: CPU usage, in addition to mouse movements and keystrokes on the screen. The application tracks both hardware usage and mouse movements because UPP employees often multi-task when completing projects. For example, graphic designers may start rendering (CPU usage high), leaving momentarily for a coffee (no mouse movements), while perhaps working on separate activities in parallel.

MarketingMassMailer provides companies with essentially everything that they need to start in-house email marketing campaigns. This includes tools for designing and editing HTML and non-HTML templates, adding attachments, scheduling automatic emails or entire emailing campaigns. We offer a dedicated mail server farm, capable of rapidly sending tens of thousands of emails. We achieve this without being blacklisted by most well known providers (Seznam, GMAIL, Yahoo) since we use a number of different IP addresses and SPF records. MarketingMassMailer can be installed and used within your company.

We are the only company in the Czech Republic that allows businesses, regardless of size (such as Eshops) to resell mobile phone kredit from O2, Vodafone, T-mobile, and a majority of virtual operators. All clients must do is implement an API that we provide and we take care of the rest. Clients can use this service without anys agreement with respective operators and without having to implement the API more than once.

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 Corporation is an American transnational company based in Redmond, WA. Its main focus is the development, productin, licencing and support for a wide range of products and services, mainly linked to computers. It was founded April, 4th 1975 focusing on development and sale of BASIC interpreters for Altair 8800 computers.
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 company privdes countries, communities,customers and users all around the world with the possibility to use technology to fulfill their dreams. Customers trust, that we will be able to secure technological solutions with whom they can do and achieve more – no matter if it’s at home, at work, in school or anywhere else. Get more information on our story, intentionas and people behind our Customer oriented approach.
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 is the biggest supplier of IT solutions and services in the world with a long tradition of innovation. First Czech branch was opened as early as 1932 as the first branch in the CEE region and as the 6th branch in Europe. Main are of business iin the Czech Republic is sales of a broad spectrum of IT technology, from servers to data storage systems to software and IT services, including consulting services.
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 was founded in the year 2000 by ex-managing director of NetScreen, Ken Xie. Fortinet is a leading producer of devices for network security and no.1 in Unified Threat Management (UTM) globally. Up to now, Fortinet delivered more than 600 000 devices and has more than 100 000 customers worldwide. Having subsidiaries all around the world, Fortinet is capable of high qualitsy and fast support for its customers.
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 s.r.o. is value added distributor of IT products in the area of telco and network security for the Czech and Slovak market. It emphasizes quality, proffesionalism and flexibility of the solutions and services offered.
Our highly qualified and certified team of experts on security has extensive experience with the execution of big projects from the TELCO and banking industry as well as from the commercial and government sector.


 - Software factory Redefined!
Accelerate business delivery with a powerful ready-made technology platform that covers the whole application lifecycle.